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At The Medical Marijuana Business Exchange, we’ve assembled the best, most knowledgeable, network of product and service providers for the MMJ Industry.This evolving and ever improving network is screened, evaluated and selected to provide quick access to vendors that are actively pursuing business opportunities with the Medical Marijuana Industry around the county.

Our mission is to be the industry’s leading single point of contact for all essential business to business services. Our consulting practice works with hundreds of clients in 18 states to ensure that when your MMJ business has a need, we have the best company to work with you. Our vendor partners consist of national companies, that have the ability to work all across the country, as well as local businesses that offer support in specific markets.The challenges faced by the MMJ Industry will likely continue and we will continue to work to make overcoming those challenges easier for our clients.

Our expertise is built on a strong foundation of both corporate and entrepreneurial successes over the last thirty years. We focus on keeping businesses in compliance with state regulations, financially stable and profitable, and most importantly providing quality service to and safe access of medicine for the Medical Marijuana Patient.  Our vendor network is extensive, dynamic and expanding. We have 18 industries represented thru our more than 3 dozen vendor partners.

In addition to private consultations for our clients, we publish industry news and opinon and are available, upon request, for media interviews.

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